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Emptiness and Presence
Kevin Hoth

1. corner (malibu, ca)
2. crowd (stinson beach, ca)
3. emptiness and presence (coachella valley, ca)
4. adidas (berlin, germany)
5. rite aid (palm springs, ca)
6. bird (niland, ca)
7. broken bad (hwy 10, ca)
8. phone booth (niland, ca)
9. crusts (chociwel, poland)
10. grand canyon (east rim grand canyon, az)
11. parking lot (reykyavik, iceland)
12. rolling cup (iceland)
13. salton sea (salton sea, ca)
14. hot tub flower (palm desert, ca)
15. drying racks (reykyavik, iceland)
16. frosty (minocqua, wi)
17. log (nederland, co)
18. gated (palm desert, ca)
19. red gate (los angeles, ca)
20. panel (los angeles, ca)
21. stinger (palm desert, ca)
22. turquoise wall (jefferson, co)
23. sanctuary (keenesburg, co)
24. drainage (broomfield, co)
25. monster (boulder, co)
26. surface (palm desert, ca)
27. frame (buena vista, co)
28. park denizen (mosca, co)
29. this sale (nederland, co)
30. cardboard box (mecca, ca)
31. winter grass (estes park, co)
32. bridge (san francisco, ca)
33. nubby (palm desert, ca)
34. scary wood (canyonlands, ut)
35. car (hwy 24, co)
36. dirty hatchback (hwy I-70, co)
37. down there (airplane over ca)
38. trailer (jefferson, co)
39. regular (leadville, co)
40. basketball hoop (joachimsthal, germany)

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