I make pictures. I am from Wisconsin and now live in Colorado. This blog is where I post mobile shots and sometimes others' inspiring work. I post shots from my heavy cameras here:

at Eldorado Canyon State Park
"The Outsider or The Stranger (French: L’Étranger) is a novel by Albert Camus published in 1942." (at The Trailer Palacio)
Liar. #vscocam  (at Eldorado Canyon State Park)
Happy bday AA. Sorry this is only at f2.8.  (at Eldorado Canyon State Park)
Flood remnants. #boulderflood (at Doudy Draw Trailhead)
Post TINY film viewing. “Dad I’m glad you got to stand up at the end but that must’ve been embarrassing.” Thx @meretemueller @wewantfun !!! (at Boulder Theater)
#vscocam  (at The Trailer Palacio)
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